Friday, September 28, 2012

The Quarry

Well, I never knew about this place until my friend showed it to me.  The first time I went here was on a very cold day with my friend Zach.  But over the summer, I went back with Juliette when it was not freezing out.  There's a stone bridge out there, by a quarry.  It's nice to go to when it's not cold.

I learned a few things that day: 1. Sometimes you have to get in very strange positions to get a good shot (we're talking standing on rocks, leaning forward, and risking falling into the river). 2. Get over your fears if you want to be good at what you want to do.  I almost slipped down the hills into spiderwebs many times.

Juliette showing off her hair wrap and necklace.

credit: Juliette

credit: Juliette

credit: Juliette

Almost falling into the river.

I have a love of high-low skirts, and immediately wanted to steal Juliette's skirt.  I looked a bit Snow White-esque, but I don't mind it.  Sometimes it's fun to imagine living the life a character in a book has.

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